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Joel Voelzke, Esq.

Recent Patents

In recent years, we have been successful in obtaining substantial awards for our clients. Here are a few of them:

PARTNERS FOR HEALTH AND HOME, L.P., Plaintiff v. SEUNG WEE YANG, et al., Defendant

Plaintiff, Partners for Health and Home, L.P. obtained a Judgment against Defendant, who infringed on Plaintiff’s federally registered PERMA-LIFE trademark for stainless steel cookware by: (1) using the confusingly similar Pearl Life brand name for their competing stainless steel cookware; and (2) using the PERMA-LIFE trademark in internet domain names, as internet website metatags, as video tags for videos posted on the internet, as visible text on the Defendant’s website, in a photograph posted on the internet by Defendants, and as internet search engine advertising key words.

The Court awarded the Plaintiff $564,876 plus Attorney Fees of $259,483.02.

[45] – Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction

[46] – Preliminary Injunction #1 Order

[113] Undisputed Facts and Conclusions of Law

[119] Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Regarding Plaintiff’s Motion for Further Preliminary Injunction

[120] – Preliminary Injunction #2

[138] Undisputed Facts and Conclusions of Law

[145] Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for Entry of Default Judgment Against Defendants STP AMERICA, INC. and DONG YANG SCIENCE, INC.

[146] Judgment for $564,876 + Fees to be Awarded

[155] Order Awarding $259,483.02 in Attorney Fees